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"Donna's unique approach to coaching exceeded my expectations and enabled me to excel past my desired outcomes. Her ability to encourage and guide me through the process, made it an extremely rewarding growth venture where my professional skills were further enhanced. Having my mindset challenged enabled me to view things from a different persepctive and surpass my own mental barriers."

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 Coach, Trainer and Workshops facilitator

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do,” B Spock


Donna McGrory is a highly experienced and qualified trainer with success and qualifications in Life Skills and Business coaching/training, Vocational Preparation training, TAE training and Work Education training within the disability sector. Donna has delivered government accredited and non accredited training to a wide range of clients including CVGT, Tweed Sutherland, IGA, Mazda BRIT, Radius disability services etc. Donna is also a Life Coach which qualifies her to coach and train using NLP principles.



NEW!- After many years in the making, Donna and Innovative Resources have published a set of training cards designed to bring about curiousity and positive change in peoples lives...

Life Tweaking

Life Tweaking

Questions for coaching, mentoring and inviting change

When it comes to creating change in our lives, sometimes a Grand Plan is a very useful thing. But sometimes, thinking about grand plans and wholesale change can seem overwhelming and daunting. Sometimes it is the tiny tweaks to a situation that make all the difference in the end!

A small tweak or a very simple next step can feel graspable, manageable, do-able and even inviting. And a series of tiny tweaks can join forces to create big, life-changing patterns. 

Life Tweaking belongs in the ‘tool kit’ of anyone who works with others to bring about change. This set of 50 cards had been specially developed to prompt questions, conversation, storytelling and reflection to help people identify their key strengths, values, priorities and next steps.

Each card features:

  • a key word or ‘value’ (such as Confidence, Finances, Purpose, Risks, Trust) and...
  • two questions to prompt the conversation or reflection.

The topics and questions on these unique and powerful cards have been carefully interrogated over a period of years to ensure they provide a sturdy foundation for coaching, mentoring and counselling conversations in a wide variety of settings.

Designed to generate curiosity, gently challenge and build anyone's picture of their preferred future, this highly original card set can be used in:

coaching and mentoring ~ counselling and therapy ~ team building and supervision ~ social work and education ~ couples and group work ~ planning and evaluation ~ personal reflection and journalling ~ job interviews and workplace development

To view and download the booklet click here

To view sample cards from the Life Tweaking set click here


To see more visit:

Your Life is Now - delivers the following group training sessions:


  • Conflict managment workshops
  • Business visioning
  • Team/Business goal setting
  • Unemployed life skills and business training
  • Team building workshops
  • Personal development workshops
  • Weight loss workshops









My telephone life coaching sessions with Donna have been exciting and highly thought provoking. She challenged me and allowed me to take a good look at what I want in life and how I can achieve it. I am now able to face fears that have held me back; I have a more positive state of mind and a greater ability to live in the present and enjoy life. My relationships have improved and I now have career goals I didn’t think possible before. I highly recommend Donna Casey-McGrory, Your Life is Now Coaching.



I immediately saw significant improvements in many aspects of my life, through subconscious decisions I was making after valuable insight I had been given into myself. Donna goes a step further than simply life-coaching, delving deeper than surface scars and casual problems. I could never have known how much I could get out of my life coaching experience, or how happy I could truly be. It wasn't at all what I expected, it was so much more.





Click here to take the 'Spring Clean Challenge' - 4 coaching sessions designed clear out the old and welcome the new!













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